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Japanese Civilisations Pack 2016-10-05

Japanese Civilisations Pack

  1. Homusubi
    This mod adds nine Japanese samurai clans, plus the Ryukyu Kingdom, as playable civilisations. All ten have the Samurai as one of their unique units.

    South Kyushu - Shimazu Yoshihiro
    Trait: Open to Trade: Double luxury resource quantity available when trading.
    UU2: Tanegashima: Replaces the Rifleman. In addition to its normal melee attack, can also perform a slightly weaker ranged attack.

    North Kyushu - Kato Kiyomasa
    Trait: Pride in Punishment: +50% Production across the civilisation. +33% Unhappiness from Population.
    UB: Banikuya: +4 Food and +2 Gold. Requires 2 Horses and a source of Horses nearby. Replaces the Stable, but does not confer any of its original benefits.

    Kanto - Tokugawa Ieyasu
    Trait: The Final Unification: Start with 3 Settlers and an Archer.
    UB: Teahouse: +2 Culture from any Luxury Resource nearby. City must have at least one Luxury Resource.

    Kansai - Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    Trait: Kitchen of Japan: +3 Food from Fishing Boats.
    UB: Osaka Castle: Replaces the Palace, but with much more defence.

    Shinshu - Takeda Shingen
    Trait: People of the Mountain: Units ignore terrain cost of hills. +1 Gold from Mines.
    UB: Dojo: Replaces the Armoury. Requires Steel instead of Engineering. +2 Happiness. +30 XP for land units only (no XP for naval and air)

    Hokuriku - Uesugi Kenshin
    Trait: Forts of Rock: Units are 33% more effective in friendly territory and 20% less outside it.
    UU2: Farmer Militia: Replaces the Pikeman. Can build Farms, Camps and Plantations.

    Shikoku - Sakamoto Ryoma
    Trait: To Defy Sakoku: Military units can embark on ocean from the start of the game. +1 naval movement.
    UU2: Kurofune: Replaces the Ironclad. Has a range of 3 and can cross ocean.

    Chugoku - Mori Motonari
    Trait: Takatora's Wisdom: Civilisation starts with Himeji Castle.
    UB: Floating Torii: Replaces the Seaport. Costs 1 Maintenance instead of 2. +3 Culture.

    Tohoku - Date Masamune
    Trait: Land of the Emishi: Units treat forest tiles as road (like Iroquois). All units gain the Indirect Fire promotion.
    UB: Inari Shrine: Replaces the Temple. +3 Culture from Furs and +2 from Deer nearby.

    Ryukyu - Sho Hashi
    Trait: Gateway to the Middle Kingdom: Earn a Great Scientist upon researching Optics, Engineering, Steam Power, and Flight.
    UU2: Nunchaku: Replaces the Pikeman. Bonus against Melee units. No bonus against Mounted.

    Vanilla Japan has been changed to "Chubu". Units and leader stay the same.

    Included in this pack is a Sengoku period scenario. (I recommend playing this with "Disable Settlers" from the Steam Workshop). The scenario features all of the added civs with the exception of Ryukyu.

    NOTE: For those of you who find that they can't select anyone with the scenario activated except for Oda Nobunaga, start playing as him, exit to main menu, and go back to the scenario. All the Japanese leaders should now be selectable.

    Updated - changed the Shimazu trait to something less "double-edged sword" (I felt like the last one was underpowered) and made the leader AIs different to each other.
    Second Update - added leader scenes and icons courtesy of Putmalk, made the Banikuya zero maintenance (it is a gold building after all), and fixed the Sakamoto random city name bug.