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Japanese Modern General Pack v1.0 2016-10-05

Japanese Modern General Pack v1.0

  1. Wolfshanze

    This is a Modern Japanese General (Warlord) for Civ4.

    Based on the body of the default Modern General and the head and hat of Chugginator's German General (currently unreleased... the two halves merged by Chugg), I did the best I could with the detail work, reworking Chugg's head with an asian-face, changing the tunic with a new cut, rank insignia collar tabs & chest ribbons... also the cap got the Japanese officer's star and leather strap. The rank insignia for Japan is based on the 1938-1943 Army Taisho (General) standard. It is one of the most simplistic rank designs of the major powers in WWII being more austere then others.

    On the uniform itself, some of you may say "that's not the right color for Japan"... well... you're both right and wrong. The Japanese never met a color that wasn't authorized to wear for their officers. Japanese Army officers were expected to procure their own uniforms from commercial tailors. Though obviously made to a regulation basic design, details of color, material and quality thus varied widely depending upon the maker and the individual means. Uniforms were often made on a local basis and such color variations were bound to result from differences in dyes used.

    Having stated the above, I have made TWO different uniforms, based on two popular color choices for Japanese officers... one, a drab brown, often used in mainland Asia, and the other, a dark green, often used on Pacific island duties. You can use/choose whichever you prefer in your game/mod.

    v1.0 RELEASE includes face-glow fix (thanks to Coyote)... now ready for use in all mods! Updated 21 May 08.

    Both models use the default Modern General (Warlord) animation files.

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    1. japgenigsword_7oK.png
    2. japgenodsword_Rz1.png
    3. japgeneralsnew_zfX.png