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Jarcast & pineappledan's Hittites for VP

Jarcast & pineappledan's Hittites for VP 4.1

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Latest updates

  1. Some typo fixes

    Changelog: - fixed typo invalidating Ansukurra model; - fixed typo invalidating E Dubsargis pedia.
  2. Galley update, new leaderscene

    Changelog: - Anyt UU is now Galley class (obsoletes at Chivalry). - leaderscene by Tomatekh.
  3. Fix SQL mispositioning breaking UU's ObsoleteTech

    (ノ `Д´)ノ ︵ ┻━┻
  4. Smol lua fixes

    Deleted some deprecated code that was still there.
  5. UA and UNW changes

    See post for detail.
  6. UA bug Fix

    Fixed a bug where UA triggered when making peace with city-states.
  7. Music bug fix

    Fixed a bug which caused the music not to continue after the end of the peace theme.
  8. Fixed UA and other fixes

    Changelog: - fixed the UA, now the Influence steal from war victory works as intended - fixed...
  9. Fixed City Name Typo

    Now Tarsos correctly appears instead of TXT_KEY_CITY_NAME_PDAN_HITTITES_09 Thanks to ArturM77...
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