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Jarcast's Duchy of Amalfi for VP

Jarcast's Duchy of Amalfi for VP 5

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Latest updates

  1. Minor improvements

    Changelog: - Improved notification for List of Fondaci: to avoid a truncated notification test...
  2. Miscellanea

    Changelog: - raised diplomatic bonus of Fondaco in other Civs' land from +5 to +15 - fixed...
  3. Fix SQL mispositioning breaking UU's ObsoleteTech

    (ノ `Д´)ノ ︵ ┻━┻
  4. Some fixes

    Changelog: fixed missing PurchaseCooldown, GlobalFaithPurchaseCooldown for Comite Saettia UU...
  5. Music bug fix and UA rebalance

    Changelog: - fixed music bug - UA balance: free policy back to 1/4 of Trade routes (was 1/5) but...
  6. UA bug fix

    Fixed bug where free policy was not given when supposed to.
  7. UA nerf and Saettia model edit

    Changelog: - Nerfed UA: +1 free policy for every 5 trade route slots (was 4) - Saettia 3d model...
  8. Modified Saettia UU

    Changelog: - Saettia: -1 :c5rangedstrength: RCS but now gain additional +3 :c5strength:, +3...
  9. Changed Saettìa ability

    Doesn't load units anymore (bugged feature). Now at the start of a turn it gives for 1 turn its...
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