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Jarcast's Duchy of Amalfi 3.0

Add the oldest Italian maritime republic of Amalfi under duke Manso I

  1. Fixed fondaco bug

    Fixed lua bug that broke trade route slot addition from fondaco when loading a saved game.
  2. Fixed TR stacking bug

    - fixed bug bonus trade route slots and naval production not stacking
    - optimized lua code
  3. Fixed TR addition bug

    - fixed bug regarding trade route being added twice when establishing a fondaco
    - adjusted AI behavior when using Comite
    - adjusted Influence bonus from fondaco in City State lands
  4. Fix for MUC4VP

    - fixed saettia flag giving error
    - fixed additional UC not showing up
  5. Fixed Comite button bug

    - Fixed comite button appearing to other units
    - Fixed also additional UC not showing when MUC4VP is enabled
  6. fixed typo in lua

    Fixed a typo that broke the effects of Scaro.
  7. 3rd UC shenanigans

    Fixed bug regarding Saettia boarding civilian units that broke purchasing of religious units (because considered great people?).
    Now Saettia cannot board great people.