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  1. Removed residual Nahnken GAP code

    Thanks to @AndreyK for the notification.
  2. Fix SQL mispositioning breaking UU's ObsoleteTech

    (ノ `Д´)ノ ︵ ┻━┻
  3. UU fix

    Changelog: Proa UU now correctly obsoletes at ObsoleteTech of its upgrade unit instead of its...
  4. Fixed missing purchase cooldown for Nahnken

    Changelog: - fixed missing PurchaseCooldown, GlobalFaithPurchaseCooldown for Nahnken - Uhpa...
  5. Atoll bug fix

    Changelog: Atoll spawn required to enable some VP dll functionalities to work. Fixed its...
  6. UA text and Fishing Boats shenaningans

    Changelog: - fixed UA text to include Masonry tech requirement for GPTI on Atolls. - solved...
  7. Kepidau Nerf

    Changelog: - UB Kepidau: replaced Airlift ability during golden age with the a movement bonus to...
  8. Fixed missing 48p icon alpha

    Thanks to gwennog for notification.
  9. Few fixes

    Changelog: - Civ now starts with an Atoll near the capital if there is none within 3 tiles. -...
  10. Code typo fixes

    Changelog: Fixed a typo that made IGE unhappy. Fixed another typo that gave to all great...

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