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Latest updates

  1. Galley update

    Changelog: - Nave UU is now Galley class (obsoletes at Chivalry).
  2. Fix SQL mispositioning breaking UU's ObsoleteTech

    (ノ `Д´)ノ ︵ ┻━┻
  3. Some fixes

    Changelog: fixed missing PurchaseCooldown, GlobalFaithPurchaseCooldown for Zilath Nave UU now...
  4. Music bug fix

    Fixed a bug which caused the music not to continue after the end of the peace theme.
  5. Smol lua typo fixes

    Thanks again to gwennog for helping me debugging and saving my time for it.
  6. Promo icons, bug fixes

    Changelog: added beautiful custom promotion icons by gwennog fixed bug whereby inland cities...
  7. Some fixes

    Changelog: Thyrrenian Piracy promo now persists when upgrading the Nave fixed coastal-inland...
  8. Bug Fix, UA and UU changes

    Changelog: UU Zilath: fixed bug for foreign Trade Mission being unavailable and domestic trade...
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