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Jarcast's The Etruscans 3.1

Adds the Italic civilization of the Etruscans to the game

  1. Fixed lua error

    Minor fix.
  2. Fixes

    - fixed the unit button, now it's compatible with default UI, and when using EUI or CBP missions.
    - better notification when cities are coupled through Epineion.
    - fixed broken AI behavior when using Zilath.
    - Vox Populi compatibility: now Zilath, in addition to its effects, improves one strategic or luxury resource within city working radius (claiming the tile if in neutral territory).
    - other minor fixes
  3. Fixed missing Bucchero text

    In the previous update I deleted something I shouldn't have.
  4. Text adjustments

  5. Balance and bug fixes

    - fixed some lua shenaningans: now landlocked cities next to a lake should be eligible to pairing and not mistaken for coastal. damned minWaterSize
    - removed buildings with geographical requirements (coast, lake, river, etc.) from the list of the eligible ones being shared between paired cities (e.g. garden, harbor etc.)
    - removed improved resource effect from Zilath's domestic trade mission.
    - gold from Zilath's internal trade mission buffed from 1/2 to 2/3 of that of the...
  6. Bucchero bug fix

    • Solved a bug whereby the Bucchero luxury resource is not correctly connected even if improved by the customs house;
    • Added a on screen message telling which coastal city is paired with which inland city when an Epineion is constructed and related.
  7. Other minor fixes

    - cleaned some lua
  8. Improved Vox Populi compatibility

    - Enabled a trait option available in the CBP DLL that allows to send Trade routes to owned cities and have yield similar to an allied City State.

    Spoiler Picture :
  9. Fixed some bugs

    - Fixed slq error in Mod support file that didn't allow to trade and have monopoly on Bucchero resource
    - Minor lua changes