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Installation notes: Extract the zip and place the folder in Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed bug Hospitals

    Fixed a Firaxis bug whereby Hospitals cannot be built if a civ features an aqueduct as unique...
  2. UA compatibility

    Changelog: - now UA is compatible with any mod adding new specialists and related great people...
  3. Added promotion icons and Fixed text bug

    Changelog: - added custom promotion icons for Saqaliba abilities thanks to AsterixRage; - fixed...
  4. Pistachio back as luxury. Solved definitively the free aqueduct issue

    Changelog - UA resources: only Pistachio is back as luxury resource and doesn't have anymore the...
  5. UA balance and Aqueduct bug fix

    Changelog: - UA nerfed: now 0.5 Great Person points from resource tiles when not playing Vox...
  6. UA changes for improved balance

    Changelog: - UA changes: removed +1 food from resources. - UA changes: Orange, Pistachio...
  7. Addition: the civ now should start away from tundra and jungle areas.

    Added entry in table Civilization_Start_Region_Avoid as per title.
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