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Jarcast's The Kalbids 3.4

Adds the Emirate of Sicily to the game under Yusuf al-Kalbi.

  1. Fixed bug Hospitals

    Fixed a Firaxis bug whereby Hospitals cannot be built if a civ features an aqueduct as unique building.
    Credits to TopHatPaladin for the fix.
  2. UA compatibility

    - now UA is compatible with any mod adding new specialists and related great people (e.g. JFDLC)
    - adjusted UA on screen notification
  3. Added promotion icons and Fixed text bug

    - added custom promotion icons for Saqaliba abilities thanks to AsterixRage;
    - fixed a bug by which when both Kalbids and Samnites mod are enabled the text for Kalbids breaks because of xml issues with Map Labels mod compatibility.
  4. Pistachio back as luxury. Solved definitively the free aqueduct issue

    - UA resources: only Pistachio is back as luxury resource and doesn't have anymore the +1 food from granary (again this change doesn't regard Vox Populi compatibility)
    - Free Aqueduct bug: as Firaxis made impossible to remove free buildings with lua I had to go the other way around. If the city has a free aqueduct (for example from finishing the Tradition policy tree) then the city cannot build the qanat anymore and any already present copy of qanat is removed but the free aqueduct...
  5. UA balance and Aqueduct bug fix

    - UA nerfed: now 0.5 Great Person points from resource tiles when not playing Vox Populi (was 1).
    - Added a function that turns any Aqueducts you may gain into Qanats, for example from Tradition finisher policy.
  6. UA changes for improved balance

    - UA changes: removed +1 food from resources.
    - UA changes: Orange, Pistachio, Prickly Pear yield +2 food instead of 1 but are bonus resources now instead of luxury.
    The resources gain further +1 food from granary (only when not playing Vox Populi).

    Changelog Vox Populi compatibility:
    - UA resources still luxury and yield +2 food instead of 1.
    - +1 Food from resources now restricted to bonus resources only.
  7. Addition: the civ now should start away from tundra and jungle areas.

    Added entry in table Civilization_Start_Region_Avoid as per title.