Jarcast's The Navajo

Jarcast's The Navajo 3.2

Spoiler 3rd and 4th Unique Component :

Installation notes: Extract the zip and place the folder in Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS

Steam workshop: link .


For comments and suggestions you can reply in the dedicated thread.

Note: Only during the Ancient era the blessings can be obtained trough :c5production: production only to let AI use faith to gain a religion.
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Latest updates

  1. Minor adjustments

    - Code cleaning - Vox Populi only: Hogan gives +1 Food to adjacent Desert tiles.
  2. UTI changes and lua fixes

    Changelog: - balance: removed food bonus on adjacent desert tiles from Hogan - cleaning: fixed...
  3. Changed UU effects, bug and balance fixs

    Changelog: - slightly reduced the amount of Musician points upon blessing construction - changed...
  4. Decision unit Naabaahii fix

    Changelog - Fixed a bug where the Events and Decision unit Naabaahii is purchasable from other civs
  5. Added what was missing

    Added dawn of man text and support for Additional achievement.

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