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Jarcast's The Samnites [BNW] 3.7

Adds the ancient Italic people of The Samnites led by Comius Castronius to the game.

  1. Added promotion icons and Other changes

    - added custom promotion icons thanks to AsterixRage;
    - removed user setting option for additional unique components, now they activate automatically when the intended mod is enabled (More Unique Component for Vox Populi);
    - changed first greeting diplomacy text;
    - fixed and nerfed some CBP xml events;
    - other minor fixes
  2. New Leader art and Additional Achievements mod support

    • New leader art by Tarmont and DMS.
    • Added Additional Achievements mod support.
    • Minor code fixes.
  3. Updated YnAEMP support to latest version 25

    Added true start location for the following maps:
    • Adriatic
    • AfriAsiaAust
    • AfriSouthEuro
    • EuroLargeNew
    • AtlanticGiant
    • EarthMk3
    • MediterraneanHuge
    • Orient.
  4. Some fixes for standalone use

    • removed the code that granted a free warrior one turn after founding the capital when not using Vox Populi mod. This was necessary for a bug when using Vox Populi where the first unit gets the totem promotions from all the founded cities and not from capital only becoming increasingly OP.
    • now 3rd and 4th component are fully functional even without using Vox Populi mod, but be careful that is not well balanced (you can build the oppidum and enoteca behaves like the zoo...
  5. Fixed missing unique components error plus enoteca resource change

    • Fixed error that -without Vox Populi mod enabled- prevented from loading the unique components and settler into game database;
    • Changed enoteca reource from Falanghina wine to Strega liqueur just to be a little bit more original (now compatible with Trade Opportunities for VP).
  6. Balancing and other minor adjustments

    • Sacratus does not appear in the civ selection UI and DoM screen anymore (as it should have been since beginning);
    • Shortened dawn of man text to better fit in the screen;
    • Totems do not provide anymore the +1:c5culture: Culture;
    • Nerfed Decision "Regulate the use of the tratturi";
    • 3rd-4th Unique Components: Now enabled by default. Enoteca yields +2:tourism: Tourism after discovering Radio (was 1). Falanghina Vox Populi happiness adjusted from 1 to 2....
  7. Solved issue of first unit getting more than one totem promotion plus some balancing

    • Someone made me notice that the first unit (warrior or pathfinder in VP) gains the promotion from the totem of all the founded cities and not from the capital only. To fix this, the free warrior at start was removed and granted back the turn after founding the capital. To not leave the settler alone and helpless against Barbarians, I granted to the first settler only the ability to always withdraw from melee attacks. For Vox Populi situation...
  8. Download still gave the old version without the additions. Sorry.

    The last update featured still the old file without the additions I made.
    If you see a "Samnites_4UC" folder then everything is ok (it contains the files for the 3rd and 4th unique components).
    And in the UserSettings.sql file you should now have:

    -- USER SETTINGS (Thanks to JFD <3)...
  9. Added 3rd-4th Unique component compatibility and fixed missing icon with DirectX11

    • Fixed missing icon of Legio Linteata in city screen view when using DirectX 11.
    • Vox Populi mod only: Legio Linteata now unlocks with Military Theory tech.
    • Added compatibility to 3rd and 4th Unique Components for VP.
    Important note: the additional components are disabled by default. If...
  10. Some lua fix and other adjustments

    After long, finally I had time to make a few games with my civ and correct the emerging issues.
    At 99% this is the final version.

    • Fixed error in UA lua code: for the purpose of choosing the animal sanctuary now it correctly counts all the resources within the working radius of the city (before it counted only the ones outside the borders ignoring the ones on the tiles adjacent to the founded city);
    • Fixed error in UA lua code: now when there is no animal...