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JFD's Civilizations - Japan (Tojo) for Vox Populi (v 9)

Compatibility and other changes for the Community Balance Patch.

  1. v 8 (changes from JFD's release)

    UA: Empire of the Pacific
    - Science from acquiring sea tiles now science from acquiring lake, coast, and ocean tiles. Lakes are included due to how they are coded in civ 5.
    - Science is now a constant 30, scaling with era. Increases to 45 when conquering or citadeling another player. The Science from JFD's version is 1 tile = 1 turn of Science, increasing to 2 turns when conquering.
    - Removed +50% naval unit production in conquered city.
    - Added +2 Science and Production on Coastal Buildings (to have a peace time bonus, and as a parallel to Oda's building bonuses). These are the Lighthouse, Harbour, Seaport, and Minefield. If Enlightenment Era is installed, also affects Drydock.
    - Added naval units gain +20% combat strength when attacking (fits with their decisive battle naval doctrine).

    UB: Dojo (replaces Armory)
    - Shared with Oda Nobunaga's Japan.
    - Promotions now granted to naval melee units. This also affects Oda Nobunaga.

    UU: Yamato (replaces Battleship)
    - Removed ability to carry 1 air unit (was buggy as it never disallowed bombers correctly).
    - Added Armor Plating I (+25% Combat Strength when defending).
    - Removed 100% bonus against cities.
    - Added Type 94 Naval Guns (+25% Ranged Combat Strength, +1 Range).
    - Now has a faith cost (for Spains UA, just in case).
    - Removed city bombard AI type (no longer has a bonus vs cities).
    - Removed Carrier flavors for AI.
    - Increased AI flavor values by 2.
    - 15 more combat strength and 5 more ranged combat strength compared to Battleships.

    UB: Kabuki Theatre (replaces Opera House with More UCs)
    - Unchanged.

    UU: Kagero (replaces Destroyer with More UCs)
    - Type 93 Torpedoes (+50% Combat Strengh when attacking units) (includes a custom set of attack animations; do check it out!).
    - Does not require strategic resources.

    Decision: Adopt the Kantai Kesssen
    - Now +1 moves and +1 sight for all naval units at all times (not just when garrisoned)(naval ranged cant fire when garrisoned in VP).

    Decision: Modernise the Imperial Air Services
    - Reworked from 'Modernise the Japanese Navy'.
    - Fighter units gain +25% combat strength.
    - Two free sources of oil.
    - The idea is that Tojo can have some of the bonuses Zeroes would have provided as a UU.
    - Cost 100 Gold, scaling with era and game speed.

    Event: Emperor's Summon
    - Requires Medieval Era.
    - Requires 100 Golden Age Points, scaling with era, for the event to fire.

    Event: Divided Military
    - Requires Medieval Era.
    - Requires 200 Gold, scaling with era, to fire.
    - Choice 1: Lose your capital's garrison.
    - Choice 1: Requires garrison in capital.
    - Choice 2: Lose 100 Gold, scaling with era.
    - Choice 2: All military land units gain 15 XP.
    - Choice 3: 4 rebel units spawn in the capital.
    - Choice 3: Lose 200 Gold, scaling with era.
    - Choice 3: 4 turns of resistance in capital.
    - Choice 3: Free social policy.

    - Yamato promotion and UA promotion now shows up under the naval promotions category in civilopedia.
    - Removed changes to Oda Nobunaga.
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