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JFD's Civilizations - Japan (Tojo) for Vox Populi (v 9)

Compatibility and other changes for the Community Balance Patch.

  1. v 9

    UA: Empire of the Pacific
    - Naval unit attack bonus removed.
    - Instant yield now triggers when obtaining tiles due to ruins (fixed in 25/11 DLL).
    - Instant yield decreased from 30/45 for acquiring water tiles from neutral/other civilizations, to 30/30.

    UB: Dojo (replaces Armory)
    - No longer the UB.
    - Promotion no longer granted to naval melee units.

    UB: Imperial Shrine (replaces Circus)
    - Same as Meiji's 2nd UB.
    - +3 Culture, +2 Faith (compared to no yields for Circus).
    - All units from this city gain the 'Emperor's Will' promotion (increased combat strength based on unit damage).
    - Increases Military Unit Supply Cap by 1.
    - 2 slot for art or artifact, gains a theming bonus when the slot is filled with your civ's art or artifact (5 Culture/Tourism, along with a bonus of 5 Culture/Golden Age Points).

    UU: Yamato (replaces Battleship)
    - +25% Ranged Combat Strength now +25% Combat Strength when attacking (less defense against enemy ranged attacks).

    UB: Kabuki Theatre (requires 4UC) (replaces Opera House)
    - No longer the UB.

    UB: Governer's Office (requires 4UC) (replaces Courthouse)
    - Can be built in puppeted cities.
    - Provides 1 Iron, Coal, and Oil.
    - +9 food or +6 production to internal trade routes.
    - +1 production to factories.

    UU: Kagero (requires 4UC) (replaces Destroyer)
    - Now has 5 more combat strength compared to Destroyers, previously 0.

    Event: Land of the Rising Sun
    - Choice 1 (free great person) now requires Renaissance.

    - Fixed default civilization event showing up when playing with Community Events.
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