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JFD's Civilizations - Prussia (Frederick) for Vox Populi (v 9)

Compatibility and balance changes for Vox Populi.

  1. HungryForFood
    JFD's Civilizations - Prussia (Frederick) for Vox Populi
    Does not need the original mod

    Recommended to use with Enlightenment Era for Vox Populi
    (steam workshop)
    (link to original mod)

    Army with a State (UA)

    All specialists produce Great General Points and increase :c5production: Production of Land Units when worked. +100% XP for Land Units when built. Melee and Gunpowder Units receive the Prussian Discipline Promotion.

    Kriegsschule (UB) (replaces Military Academy)

    • +2 :c5science: Science and :c5culture: Culture (instead of 1 :c5science: Science).
    • +15 additional XP (+40 instead of +25).
    • 1 scientist specialist slot.
    • Costs less :c5production: Production (1000 instead of 1250).
    • Unlocks earlier at Metallurgy (or Fortification with Enlightenment Era).
    • All Gun and Melee units from the city gain +10% :c5strength: Combat Strength per adjacent Gun or Melee unit and +1 :c5moves: Movement.
    Gardekorps (UU) (replaces Fusilier, or Line Infantry with Enlightenment Era)

    • +4 :c5strength: Combat Strength.
    • Stalwart (+35% :c5strength: Combat Strength when defending).
    Additional mod compatibility
    Other information
    To install, extract to C:\Users\[your username]\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS.
    More details in the thread.

    • JFD: Author.
    • Janboruta: Art (Civ Icon, Leader Icon, Unique Component Icons, Leaderscene, Map).
    • bernie14: Graphics (UUs).
    • Creative Assembly: Music (Peace).
    • Andrea Waldetoft: Music (War).
    • LeeS: Lua Utilities (Unit Spawn Handler).
    • HungryForFood: Kriegsschule icon (edited from this).
    • Asterix Rage: Promotion icons.
    • toxyy: CIV-linked Great Generals compatibility.
    I am not the author of the original mod.

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