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JFD's Civilizations - Prussia (Frederick) for Vox Populi (v 9)

Compatibility and balance changes for Vox Populi.

  1. v 6

    UA: Hohenfriedberg March
    - Removed bonus yields to military training buildings.
    - Golden age from great general birth replaced with golden age points from kills (400% of the killed unit's combat strength).
    - New: Melee and Gunpowder Units gain the Prussian Discipline promotion (15% combat strength, 15% more when stacked with a Great General).

    UB: Kriegsschule
    - Stechschritt promotion renamed to Fine Goosestep.
    - Promotion no longer grants Golden Age Points from kill.
    - Science and Culture yield reduced to 2/2 from 5/4.
    - Now grants +10% Science and Culture during Golden Ages.

    UU: Gardekorps
    - Renamed from Landwehr (name conflicted with a 4UC addition).
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