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JFD's Civilizations - Prussia (Frederick) for Vox Populi (v 9)

Compatibility and balance changes for Vox Populi.

  1. v 7

    UB: Kriegsschule
    - Fixed missing -1 Distress.

    UB: Teutonic Order (replaces Heroic Epic) (requires 4UC)
    - Now the 2nd UB. Requires at least v47 of 4UC.

    UB: Hanse (replaces Custom House) (requires 4UC)
    - No longer the 2nd UB.

    - Added icons for all of Prussia's promotions, credit to Asterix Rage.
    - Fixed default civ event (Brave New World) showing up when playing Prussia.
    - Added support for LeeS' Civ Linked Generals.
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