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JFD's Civilizations - Prussia (Frederick) for Vox Populi (v 9)

Compatibility and balance changes for Vox Populi.

  1. v 9

    UA: Army with a State
    - Renamed from Hohenfriedberg March.
    - Removed Golden Age Points from kill.
    - XP bonus now only applies to land units.
    - Added +15% production of land units per worked specialist.
    - Added +1 Great General Point per specialist, increasung by +1 in Medieval, Industrial, Atomic.

    UB: Kriegsschule
    - Removed +10% Science and Culture during Golden Ages.
    - Increased XP from 25 to 40 (15 more than Military Academy).

    Events: The Black Eagle
    - Renamed from An Army With A Nation.
  2. v 8

    Events: An Army With A Nation
    - Updated to be the same as the latest Germany's in the latest version of community events (as of 02/09/19). Details as follows.
    - Choice 1: Free great person. Now requires Renaissance instead of Medieval.
    - Choice 3: Now enables the faith purchase of Teutonic Chapters (Order clone), instead of free Orders in every city. Choice was previously broken.
    - Choice 4: Text now correctly states that Musicians gain +1 Culture and +1 Gold, instead of +1 Culture and +4...
  3. v 7

    UB: Kriegsschule
    - Fixed missing -1 Distress.

    UB: Teutonic Order (replaces Heroic Epic) (requires 4UC)
    - Now the 2nd UB. Requires at least v47 of 4UC.

    UB: Hanse (replaces Custom House) (requires 4UC)
    - No longer the 2nd UB.

    - Added icons for all of Prussia's promotions, credit to Asterix Rage.
    - Fixed default civ event (Brave New World) showing up when playing Prussia.
    - Added support for LeeS' Civ Linked Generals.
  4. v 6

    UA: Hohenfriedberg March
    - Removed bonus yields to military training buildings.
    - Golden age from great general birth replaced with golden age points from kills (400% of the killed unit's combat strength).
    - New: Melee and Gunpowder Units gain the Prussian Discipline promotion (15% combat strength, 15% more when stacked with a Great General).

    UB: Kriegsschule
    - Stechschritt promotion renamed to Fine Goosestep.
    - Promotion no longer grants Golden Age Points from kill.
    - Science and Culture...
  5. v 4

    UA: Hohenfriedberg March
    - Now grants +2 science, culture, and great general points to all military training buildings.
    - Golden Age is now full length instead of half length.
    - Removed +50% production when building military training buildings (not enough space for UA text in UI, it never felt that useful anyway).

    UU: Death's Head Hussar
    - Now starts with the +1 movement promotion.
    - Combat strength increased from 30 to 35.
    - Damage to adjacent on move increased to 5 from 2.
  6. v 3

    UB: Kriegsschule
    - Slight update to the icon.

    UU: Death's Head Hussar
    - Fixed text error which stated that its unique promotion does 5 damage when the unit moves, rather than the correct value of 2 damage.

    - Fixed a mysterious mod load order error with More Unique Components.
    - Civ event text changed slightly (for flavour only).