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JFD's Civilizations - United States of America (Roosevelt) for Vox Populi (v 7)

Compatibility and balance changes for the Community Balance Patch.

  1. v 7

    UB: Assembly Plant
    - Now +2 Production per Assembly Plant, like the Factory.
  2. v 6

    UB: Assembly Plant
    - Now has 1 more unhappiness reduction from specialists compared to Factory (previously 0).
    - Now has internal trade route yields, like the Factory.

    - Fixed default civ events triggering (if you have Community Events enabled).
  3. v 4

    UA: The New Deal
    - Reworked: Now gains 20% towards the next Great Merchant, Great Scientist, and Great Scientist in the capital on policy unlock (no more random chance, no more instant yields, only in capital).
    - Reworked: For every Academy, Manufactory, and Town you built, +1 Culture and the appropriate yield in all cities. Effect not lost if the improvement is removed / conquered.

    UB: Assembly Plant
    - Removed Coal requirement.
    - Promotion renamed to Lend-Lease from American Made.

  4. v 3 Update

    UB: Assembly Plant
    - Bonus to Merchant specialists now +1 Gold instead of +4 Production.
    - Bonus to Engineer specialists now +1 Production instead of +4 Gold.
    - Added bonus +1 Science to Scientist specialists.
    - Above changes are in accordance to changes in the 1/8 version of VP, where specialist yields are reduced, and the base Factory no longer has bonuses to specialists.
    - Removed bonus to Towns, and bonus to Manufactories now the same as Factories.
    - Now that Towns and Manufactories are...