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JFD's Rise to Power

Rise to Power

  1. Update to v32

    • Fixed various database issues from when disabling Piety or Claims.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Magistrate's Court had 2 Magistrates instead of 1 and High Courts had 1 Magistrate instead of 2.
    • Fixed an issue with disabling Epithets.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Wealth (Legitimacy) did not give the correct amount of Sovereignty.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the Sov. bonus from St. Peter's from working.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the AI from taking out Mercenary Contracts.
    • Fixed an TXT_KEY issue with Eastern civs taking the Empire reform.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Succession reforms affected Unhappiness.
    • Various fixes to titles.
    • Removed changes to Augustus' UA. Such a UA will come with Julius instead.
    • Fixed an issue whereby switching Governments would reset all Reforms to Central.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Civs that have adopted a Theocracy might adopt it a second time upon researching Priesthood.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Follower Beliefs that provided yields for every 2 followers were providing them for every 1 instead.
    • Fixed an issue causing the Piety Tooltip to fail when having picked Shamanism.
    • Fixed an issue whereby the Free Reforms Label did not appear.
    • Text for Media now correctly states that the Culture and Loyalty bonus/penalty is 5% each not 10%.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Common Taxation did not apply its effect on Assemblies (Colonies Taxation was instead).
    • Fixed incorrect text for Citizenship (Full) which indicated that the Loyalty effect was a penalty instead of a bonus.
    • Fixed issues with Invite Holy Man and Invite Veteran decisions not working correctly.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Levy War Taxes could be enacted during the Ancient Era.
    • Fixed missing updated text for Just War and Defender of the Faith beliefs.
    • Fixed an issue with titles when picking a Federation/Unitary State as a Monarchy.
    • Added Policy_ContractUnlocks table, allowing you to tie Contract availability to having a specific Policy.
    • Suffrage Reforms nerfed. Max Sov discount on Government reforms is now 30%, with each City/Citizen reducing costs by 5%/1% each. Reduced Anarchy Sentiment penalty to 20%. However, now also includes Foreign Reforms.
    • Fixed incomplete help text for Fanatical, Progressive, and Radical Factions.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Mercenary Turn and Contract modifiers did not work correctly.
    • Fixed an issue whereby switching Governments did not properly clear the previous Governments' Legislature.
    • Fixed an issue whereby the Soldier epithet did not grant extra XP to new Levy Units.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Citizenship (None) also excluded Colonies and Puppets from Empire/City-State counts.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Citizenship reform sometimes doubled the Loyalty gain/penalty in Colonies.
    • Fixed an issue whereby sending a Sea Trade Route to a Mercantile CS would prevent a Land Trade Route registering your Claim on it, and the reverse for the Maritime CS.
    • Fixed an issue whereby the base Piety rate from being above/below your resting rate did not calculate properly for state religion founders.
    • How the Piety rate from being above/below your resting rate should now be a bit clearer in the TT. Other civs/city-states following your SR contribute to the base rate, but the TT displayed this in a potentially confusing way.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Monasteries did not produce Development.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Air Contracts could give more than one unit at the same time.
    • If no cities follow your State Religion, your Clergy will now dominate your Legislature in an Ecumenical Theocracy (where otherwise the Legislature would've been empty).
    • Fixed an issue whereby the Head of Government name would sometimes not be set upon establishing a Legislature for the first time.
    • Updated some of the titles according to the research done for Rule with Faith.
    • Fixed an issue whereby Faction power for the Autocephalous Theocracy was not calculated correctly.
    • Fixed inconsistencies with inherited titles and gender.
    • After Theocracy or Dictatorship first become available, you may switch your Government without requiring max sovereignty 1 time.
    • Added functionality for dynamic additions to the right-hand buttons thanks to Sukritact.
    • Monarchy now increases Sovereignty from Legitimacies by 25%, Republic now reduces Reform Cooldown by 25%, and Theocracy now grants +20% Max Sovereignty instead of reduced Sov. costs, and it is no longer tied to Piety Level.
    • Monarchy Decision now reduces Reform Cooldown and Republic Decision now calls a new election.
    • Piety Rate is now calculated at the beginning of each turn.
    • Can now toggle what yields appear on the Top Panel using the drop-down panel.
    • Conservatives now favour Right Religious Reforms, Liberals now favour Left Religious Reforms, and Socialists now favour Left Legal Reforms, and oppose the inverse, in addition to their previous preferences.
    • Fixed extra Resistance on Claimed City-States that become Colonies. Requires v57 of CiD.
    • Absolute now grants 80% Max Sov. and -20% Faction power.
    • Added unique Holy Roman Empire government: The Holy Roman Empire is one of the Government types available in Rise to Power. It describes a system of consensus government, wherein supreme power lies in an organization of states. It isonly available once you have constructed the Hofburg Palace wonder. It has one Legislature: the Privilegium, and increases the power of Factions. The Privilegium is composed of Electors corresponding to your City-State Allies(Privilegium Mauis) or Friends (Privilegium Minor). Each of these Factions will support and oppose specific Reforms, based on the Trait of their originating City-State. Militaristic Electors, for instance, will support a focus onMilitary Reforms. The power of these Factions is determined by their Population compared to the Population of all members of the Holy Roman Empire.

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