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JKP1187's Random Events for BtS 2016-10-05

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This mod component adds several new random events to Beyond the Sword. It includes all of the random events included with the 3.13 patch. No major rules changes are made.

The new events are:

1.) Battle Lasers
2.) Futbol War
3.) Napalm
4.) Billions and Billions
5.) Reactive Armor
6.) Greek Fire
7.) Free Enterprise
8.) Fiat Money
9.) Crossing the Rubicon
10.) The Generals' Putsch
11.) Cure for Cancer
12.) Carnation Revolution
13.) Synthetic Fuels
14.) Alternative Energy (quest)
15.) More Fiat Money
16.) Industrial Action
17.) Darwin's Voyage
18.) The Buccaneers
19.) Blackbeard
20.) Pirates of the Neutral Zones
21.) Malaccan Pirates
22.) Henry Morgan
23.) Stede Bonnet
24.) The Corsairs
25.) Illyrian Pirates
26.) Mahdi Army
27.) The Taliban
28.) V_Ger


v. 1.21

1.) The major change is that I updated all of the Python code. Somehow, when I entered the code into IDLE (often copying and pasting from other files, especially when I wrote it in another text editor then transferred it over,) the tabs went all screwy, but IDLE, for some reason, never got it to look right. This may have created some problems for users who tried to copy and paste it into their own mods. I went back using Notepad++ and made sure that all of the tabs and spacing was in conformity for all of my code.

2.) Adjusted trigger chances for several events (in most cases, made them more likely to occur.)

3.) Fixed typo in "Futbol War" code.

4.) XP necessary for unit to trigger "Crossing the Rubicon" is now 10, not 12.

v. 1.18
1.) Fixed bug in Futbol War python code. (Thanks Fierabras!)

1.) Cleaned up some kludgy code in Darwin's Voyage.

v. 1.16

1.) Fixed minor bug in V_Ger event.

v. 1.15

1.) Minor change to (shouldn't affect much of anything, but just wanted to make sure that the code was in conformity with the default 3.13

version 1.14

1.) Bug fix for Darwin's Voyage.

Version 1.13
1.) Changed options for event: V_Ger.

Version 1.11

1.) New Event: V_Ger
2.) Completed translations to French, German, Italian, and Spanish for the rest of the events using Babel Fish. These translations are not perfect, so if you speak one of those language and can think of a better way to phrase some of the wording, please let me know and I will be glad to make any changes that are necessary.


1.) New Barbarian Events: THE_TALIBAN and MAHDI_ARMY

2.) Changed Pirate events and Darwin's Voyage so that number of prerequisite ships for player is on a sliding scale depending on map size.

3.) Added translations for many of the events. I am not sure of the quality of the translations, as they were mostly

4.) Changed AIRLINER_CRASH so that triggering player must have at least one Airport.

5.) GIVE_PEACE_A_CHANCE became vaporware, because a function I hoped had been available for use was not exposed to Python.

Version 1.03

Fixed bugs in two Firaxis events -- Preaching Researcher and Miracle. The problem with both events was that they required a building (Christian Monastery and Wall) that obsoleted, and once the building obsoleted, the event still had a chance of firing, but the event's bonuses would not be applied. These events now obsolete with the same techs that obsolete the buildings.

Version 1.01

Added six new pirate events, stretching from the Ancient to Future eras.

Version 0.991

Two very minor tweaks:

* Blessed Sea: This event still requires the player to have a galley, caravel/carrack, or galleon/East Indiaman to trigger, but I have removed the glitch wherein the event would fail if that unit was destroyed. The python code now just checks to see that the player has at least one of these at the beginning and never refers to it again. I also removed my earlier XML hack fix where I named the cargo carrier "Blessed Galley" so that the player could keep track of it.

* Fiat Money and More Fiat Money: increased likelihood of these events triggering. (Thanks to Antilogic for the idea when he used this event in his Antilogic's Minimal Mod.)

* Added new events: Darwin, Blackbeard, Buccaneers
* Fiat Money and More Fiat Money maximum cash ceiling is now 100 gold, not 40 (was worried that the event would not fire very often as written).
* Greek Fire is now available to any civ (the Byz have enough advantages as it is.)
* Added fix for Partisans event -- it now will ONLY trigger when the victim of the city razing is running the Emancipation Civic. It will also be present in 100% of the games, meaning that the event should trigger EVERY time this happens. Before, it was present in only ~ 35% of the games, but would trigger for civs regardless of which labor civic they were using. (Code borrowed from the CFC Hall of Fame mod. Thanks!)

*Added forced civic script to Crossing the Rubicon -- in case somehow the government civic is forced UN Resolution-style in the early game (perhaps with a mod), the event will not fire.
*Generals' Putsch -- choice #1 now gives +1 happiness in all cities for 10 turns.
*Industrial action -- adjusted choices #1 and #2 to make them more attractive -- no unrest occurs in the picked city if either of them are chosen unless the 'bad' subsequent event happens. Also -- reduced chance of "bad" event happening in #2 to 40%.

*Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
*Added some additional Italian translations.


*Added new events:

*Fixed minor bugs in CARNATION_REVOLUTION and THE_GENERALS_PUTSCH that gave poor result for an event option if certain civics were forced by the UN.

*Re-adjusted some of the trigger weights

* CARNATION_REVOLUTION no longer barred just if Environmentalism civic used.

* Added Italian translations for some of the new events (thanks: gorgonella)


*Solver's Impeachment event was incorrectly coded by Firaxis -- one choice gave the player temporarily +1 happiness and +6 unhappiness simultaneously. Changed so it only gives +1 happiness temporarily, as appears to be the intent from Solver's original mod.

* Removed minimum gold in treasury prerequisite to trigger Billions and Billions

* Changed Free Enterprise trigger to require a minimum gold amount in treasury.

* Lowered inflation increase in Fiat Money #1 for better balancing.

* Changed results of The Generals' Putsch #1 to make it a more attractive option.
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