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Joel's Terrain ver 1.1 2016-10-05

Joel's Terrain ver 1.1

  1. joelwest
    compilation by joelwest of terrain files from various terrain packs - Ares de Borg, CCJ39, Cordy, Rhye, Sn00py's Terrain Greener, Warpstorm's Watercolor Terrain, etc.

    my intent was to compile brighter greener terrain that is easy to read and similar in legibility to Civ 4 terrain. I went file by file in the Terrain folder and compared all the above terrain packs for suitability. in some cases I left in alternate files which can be substituted for the one I picked by renaming it appropriately.

    there are a few non terrain files in the \Art directory, including an updated resources.pcx which has an overlay of black letter abbreviations of resources on a white background. these can be deleted if you only want to add my terrain, but if you remap the resources icons in the Civ 3 Editor to match these icons the overall result will be a map that looks a lot more like a static Civ 4 map than a Civ 3 map (which totally blends the resources icons into the tile graphics making them unreadable)

    the mod I had in mine for this new terrain pack was the Test IV Time Civ 3 mod that attempts to duplicate various aspects of Civ 4

    NOTE: this is strictly a compilation. there are no new terrain files in this pack.

    UPDATE 2009 Sept 19 - fixed file download

    image below includes updated resources.pcx and modified forest tiles with cottages on grassland, plains, and tundra (for Test IV Time mod)


    1. joel_s_terrain_ver_1_1_image_long_JY8.jpg