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Jomon Empire 2016-10-05

Jomon Empire

  1. Gedemo
    Adds the Jomon Culture to Brave New World

    Jimmu of Jomon LAST UPDATE 2016-04-24

    Cord Marked

    Play without Agriculture and without Animal Husbandery. Can not build farm or pasture. +1 [ICON_FOOD] food on fishingboats and plantations. The cities built nearby a mountain can produce Pots.

    UU : The Jomon Forager replaces the Worker (little faster, can build a forestry complex)

    UB : The Kaizuka replaces the lighthouse and provides Oyster Ressource

    UI : Forestry complex (improvement on forest and jungles that provide food bonus)

    Civilization III Music - IndORFull
    CIVILIZATION III Conquests Music Japanese 2
    Forestry Complex: Lookout Towers by Artisanix


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