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Just Another Religion Mod [BtS / Modular] v 1.2 2016-10-05

Just Another Religion Mod [BtS / Modular] v 1.2

  1. JustATourist
    Just Another Religion Mod (JARM) Version 1.2​

    created by JustATourist and Refar​

    Forum discussion tread for Just Another Religion Mod

    JARM is a modular mod for Civ4-BtS adding more religions to choose from. It will only run properly, if you start a new game and activate the option "Choose Religion".

    Languages are english and german only.


    - adds 10 new religions to the game (Ancient Greek/Roman Polytheism, Norse Mythology, Ancient Egypt Religion, Zoroastrianism, Shinto, VooDoo, Toltec/Aztec Mythology, Shamanism, Druidic Traditions and Freemasonry)
    - every religions comes with unique graphic: buildings (40 in total, 20 of them created by Refar and haven't been released anywhere before), found religion screen, build shrine screens, missionaries, sounds, etc.
    - allthough 10 religions are addes (which makes 17 religions with the vanilla religions) only 7 be founded in every game, the 7 which are chosen first by player or AI
    - you will only see those religions in your city and religion screen, which you really have spread in your cities

    Version History:

    v 1.0: Initial version
    v 1.1 (after 231 downloads): Changed scaling and nodes for buildings for improved look by GeoModder
    v 1.1.1 (after 524 downloads): - added individual background textures in the found-religion-animations (walls and floors)
    - fixed religion screen (showing religions influence again)
    v 1.2 (after 814 downloads): Added Shamanism, Druidic Traditions and Freemasonry

    Run the Mod:

    - unpack and move the folder "JARM" to \MyGames\Beyond the Sword\MODS
    - load the mod at the "Advanced" options menu of BtS or load automatically it via CivilizationIV.ini by changing the Mod folder entry:
    ; Specify a Mod folder (Mods\Mesopotamia), '0' for none
    Mod = Mods\Jarm
    - you need "Modular XML Loading" to be enabled in the Civilization4.ini:
    ; Modular XML Loading
    ModularLoading = 1
    - play the Mod. Start a "Custom Game" and enable the "Choose Religions" checkbox to see the new religions founded.

    If you have added any custom leaderheads to the game, delete the file \JARM\Assets\XML\Civilizations\CIV4LeaderHeadInfos.xml (or merge it with your file)
    It has only the vanilla Leaders.
    The only changes are, that the new religions are added to the favourite religions of some leaders. If you want, you can edit your CIV4LeaderHeadInfos.XML to add the new religions as well. The relevant tag is:


    Credits for buildings:
    Greek Fortress (modified, used as olympic monastery)

    Evil Lizard Palace (modified, as VooDoo shrine)

    Rabbit, White:
    Sphinx (as egyptian shrine)

    Pyramid (as egyptian cathedral)

    Toltec Tempel, Sacrificial Pyramid, Toltec Pyramid (as Toltec temple, cathedral and shrine)

    Navy Seal:
    medieval south american palace (as toltec monastery)

    all remaining Olympian, Asen, Voodoo, Shinto, Zoroastrianism and Pesedjet buildings

    Firaxis Colonization:
    Shamanism buildings (heavily modified), Freemasonry buildings

    Walter Hawkwood:
    provided oak trees for Druidic Cathedral

    Druidic Buildings

    Special thanks to GeoModder for helping out with the buildings scale and nodes and for beta testing.

    Credits for units:
    Two generic missionaries (used as olympic and asen missionary)

    African Great Prophet (as Voodoo missionary)

    Mesoamerican Prophet (as Toltec missionary)

    NikNaks and Johnny Smith:
    Native Explorer (used skin only, as Shaman missionary)

    City and Advisor Screen Python:
    by JohnySmith.

    Misc. credits:
    Background textures for Toltec and Pesedjet Found-Religion-Animations.

    If you wish to re-use some parts of this mod in your own work, give proper credit to the Authors.


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