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JZoC Mod: Simple Zone of Control 2016-10-05

Compatible with Warlords and v1.61

What is a Fort ZOC?
The eight tiles surrounding a fort is considered its ZOC. If a fort has atleast 1 unit of a civilization then the Fort will fire on any and all enemy units. Enemy units are Barbarians and any unit owned by a civiliztion that you are at war with.

This mod introduces a simple version of the Zone of Control that
so many of us loved in Civ3. For the moment, only Forts project
a ZoC. It covers the 8 tiles directly surrounding the Fort. ZoCs
have two main abilities that will automaticly effect enemy units
when they move into any of the 8 tiles in the ZoC. The first
ability is a restriction on enemy movement. Any enemy unit entering
one of the tiles around a fort will lose the rest of its movement for
that turn. Second, Forst are get one free attack on each enemy unit
when it enters a tile adjacent to the fort. The chance of the Fort
hitting any given unit and the max amount of damage that can be
delt by the Fort attack are configurable in the mod's config.ini
file aswell as several other perameters.
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