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K-On! - Ho-kago Tea Time 2016-10-05

K-On! - Ho-kago Tea Time

  1. Typhlomence
    Original release: 29th August 2016 | Current Version: 6th September 2016

    This mod adds a civilization based on the Light Music Club, or Ho-kago Tea Time from the K-On! anime, with the air-headed but friendly Yui Hirasawa as its leader. This civilization is focused on the generation of its unique Great Musician to win Cultural Victories, as well as some boosts to Happiness.

    This mod requires Brave New World.

    Steam Workshop page (screenshots can also be found here)
    My CivFanatics thread

    Mod options can be changed via the Yui_Options.sql file. These allow you to change the civ name to "After-School Tea Time", or to enable the dynamic city names that use types of sweets.

    Please download the additional soundtrack mod as well for the proper experience!


    1. steam_image_mJA.png
    2. steam_image_T28.png