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Kaiser 2016-10-05


  1. CurtSibling

    It will be the first use of machine guns, chemical weapons, and bombardment of civilians from the sky.
    Never in history, have so many men taken up arms. Never has war reached so far from the battlefield.
    Everyone will become a soldier, one way or another. The tragedy of attrtion warfare will be reality.

    The dash and chivalry of earlier eras will be replaced with mud, disease and bloody infantry charges.
    Can you end the war quickly and avoid the slaughter, or will you seek to recreate the destruction?
    Kaiser lets you take command and define the destiny of the "War to end all Wars"...

    Please note: This scenario is for CIV2 MGE.


    The Western Front - Prussian troops prepare to storm Allied defences...

    The Middle East - Where the Imperial Powers may choose to clash...

    The rise of Japan - Will they involve themselves in this Western struggle?

    This is a global scenario, and the only limit is the action ending in 1920, but if you are ambitious enough, you
    can achieve much more than just Victory in Europe - A triumphant power could look to expansion across the world!

    Like one would expect, use artillery and bombers to soften cities for the conquest by infantry. Patient tactics
    will be needed to avoid a recreation of the horrors of Verdun and Passchendaele...The choice is yours!

    Enjoy this old but fun scenario!



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