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Kandosii-type Dreadnought 2018-03-05

Mandalorian star dreadnought from the Star Wars universe

  1. Meteor Man
    A Mandalorian dreadnought from the Mandalorian Wars

    Includes: attack.flc, default.flc, death.flc, attack.wav, death.wav, .ini file, civilopedia icons, units32 pic, and a civilopedia entry (below)

    The Star Wars Unit Thread

    ^The [Kandosii-type Dreadnought], named after the Mando'a word for "ruthless", was the largest capital ship used by the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars.
    ^{Manufacturer:} various Mandalorian manufacturers
    ^{Length:} 1,360 m
    ^{Hyperdrive Rating:} 2.0
    ^{Armament:} 30 medium double turbolasers; 12 point defense triple laser cannons; 12 super-heavy concussion missile launchers; 6 tractor beam projectors
    ^{Complement:} 128 starfighters/bombers
    ^{Crew:} 10,000
    ^The Kandosii design had sharp, thin lines and were based on a variety of stolen technologies. A notable flaw in their design was that their hyperspace navigation systems could be crippled by a strategically-placed charge in the rear.
    ^Kandosii-type Dreadnoughts were heavily armed for combat, with 30 medium double turbolaser cannons providing the main offensive firepower. They also carried 12 point-defense triple laser cannons placed at certain places as to give full hull coverage. Each Dreadnought also had 12 super-heavy concussion missile launchers that could bombard capital ships, or hold nuclear missiles to bombard planets, as seen at the Battle of Serroco. These missile launchers were located in the ship's bow and the lower protruding superstructure.
    ^Originally designed and built by the Fenelar, the Mandalorians stole the Kandosii-type design, during their conquest and destruction of the species. These dreadnoughts were later used by the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders during the Mandalorian Wars against the Galactic Republic.
    ^A Mandalorian Dreadnought led a battle group of Jehavey'ir-type assault ships during the Battle of Serroco, where the fleet bombarded the planet's surface with nuclear missiles. Later in the war, a ship of this type lead by Cassus Fett bombarded the surface of Jebble to stop the Rakghoul plague from spreading to other systems.
    ^[Source: Wookiepedia]


    NOTE: preview gif has broken colors.

    Also, I didn't actually have a model for this ship; I made this unit purely from the images of the ship made by Ansel Hsiao that were provided on Fractalsponge. In other words, the perspectives aren't perfect, and I couldn't find a good image for the head-on or over-the-shoulder isometric views. At least we have a workable Kandosii!