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Killer Hornet and Hornet Nest Wonder 2016-10-05

Killer Hornet and Hornet Nest Wonder

  1. Vuldacon
    YIKES!... it's a Giant Killer Hornet!]
    This Unit is base on the Vespa Mandarinia Japonica "Asian Hornet" that is the Largest in the World...only this one is Monsterous!:eek:

    IF some of your Game Units are starting to "Bug You" then "BUG" them back with this Killer Hornet and included Wonder that you can use to auto-produce them.
    Complete Unit and Wonder ready to add with all Images, Alternate Images, Flcs and Sounds.
    "Read Me" File included :) Winner of the March 2009 Unit of the Month Contest :trophy:
    You can visit the Unit Thread Here
    February 2011: Remade the Default Flc to use Offsets so the Unit is seen on the Bottom Right Game Unit Window Box Better.


    1. killerhornetimage_92k.png