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King of Kings - Teddy Roosevelt (changeable) 1.00

Roosevelt starting with all Suzerain Bonuses (City-State Unique Influence Bonuses).

  1. Kavis
    Sometimes, city-states are all gone in no time, or in faraway places, or just happen to not exist in a game. What if I'd like to collect all of them?

    Well, this MOD gives the Teddy Roosevelt starting with all Suzerain bonuses (City-State Unique Influence Bonuses). Also, you can change the leader by editing ASB_Data.xml in the attached files.

    For example:
    1. You want to play as Victoria.
    3. Save the file and done!
    Leader type and ID are shown as below:
    <LeaderTraits> <!-- Change "Arrow marks" or replace leader ID to the leader you want . -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_BARBAROSSA" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_CATHERINE_DE_MEDICI" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_CLEOPATRA" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_GANDHI" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_GILGAMESH" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_GORGO" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_HARDRADA" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_HOJO" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_MVEMBA" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_PEDRO" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_PERICLES" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_PETER_GREAT" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_PHILIP_II" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_QIN" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_SALADIN" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_TOMYRIS" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_TRAJAN" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_T_ROOSEVELT" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_VICTORIA" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
        <!-- <Row LeaderType="LEADER_MONTEZUMA" TraitType="TRAIT_ALL_SUZERAIN_BONUSES"/> -->
    Installation :
    1. Unzip the file to "...\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods"
    2. It should create a folder named "All Suzerain Bonus - Teddy Roosevelt"
    3. Go in "Additional Content" and activate it by checking the box and launch a game.
    4. Enjoy it!