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Kingdom of Chimor 2016-10-05

Kingdom of Chimor

  1. Hiram

    Adds the Kingdom of Chimor to the game as a playable civilization.

    UU: Unku - The Unku is the Chimu unique unit, replacing the Swordsman. It is slightly weaker than the Swordsman, but can be built without Iron. It earns culture equal to a defeated Unit's Combat Strength.

    UB: Ciudadela - Replaces Castle. In addition to the effects of the castle it provides +1 happiness and contains an Engineer specialist slot. Available with Civil Service.

    XML - Hangman, Hiram
    Art - COF, LastSword, Hangman, TarcisioCM
    Music - Firaxis​

    Crashes? This mod has inbuilt compatibility with the new beliefs added in Leugi's Israel civ. To solve any crashes you can do either of these:

    Enable Leugi's Israel New Beliefs (Comes with his Israel civ)
    Download here.


    If you're not using Leugi's Israel, remove the following code from Kingdom of Chimor.modinfo:



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