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Kingdom of Kongo (v8) for NiGHTS (v12.0) 2016-10-05

Kingdom of Kongo (v8) for NiGHTS (v12.0)

  1. Karantaner
    This adaptation adds the Kingdom of Kongo as playable stand-alone civilization for the NiGHTS MOD.

    This civilization was created by Cyon and adapted by Markus Beutel for NiGHTS. It was included in an earlier version of NiGHTS but due to file size restrictions it was dropped.

    That's why I made this modmod for NiGHTS.

    Compatibel with the lastest version of NiGHTS (v12.0) and CIV 5 (

    v8: required for latest CIV 5 version
    v7: fixed some minor issues
    v6: required for NiGHTS v11.52: new trait: +1 gold along river tiles, +25% strenght when fighting inside own territory. NEW ART: new icon for Raffia Mill and new unit graphic for Pombo
    v5: requirede for NiGHTS v11.4
    v4: needed for NiGHTS v11.2
    v3: fixed some bugs, new diplomacy texts
    v2: update of intro-text, no other changes


    1. kongo_FIR.jpg
    2. 2012_01_31_00001_6A5.jpg
    3. 2012_01_31_00002_zG7.jpg
    4. 2012_01_29_00002_kc1.jpg