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Kingdom of Lithuania 2016-10-05

Kingdom of Lithuania

  1. Hiram
    Adds the Kingdom of Lithuania to the game as a playable civilization.

    UU: Etmonas - An infantry unit, slightly stronger and faster than the Swordsman it replaces. Can be bought cheaply with faith if Lithuania holds the Holy Warriors belief.

    UB: Island Fortress - Replaces Castle. Slightly more expensive, but adds extra defensive strength in the city where it is built. +1 faith from river and lake plots.

    **Compatible with LastSword's LS set VI (Lithuania, Tatars and Bulgaria) and JFD's Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Use of Tomatekh's Historical Religions mod is highly recommended.

    XML - Hiram
    Art - Pouakai, COF, TarcisioCM, LastSword



    1. lithteas_YDA.png