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Kingdom of Mitanni 2016-10-05

Kingdom of Mitanni

  1. Hiram

    Adds the Mitanni Empire to the game. Requires Brave New World expansion.

    Leader: Parshatatar

    Unique Ability: Mitanni Might - Melee and archery units cost 50% less maintenance and pay no movement cost to pillage.

    UU1: Shukuthlu - Replaces Spearman. Only the Mitanni may build it. This unit is much cheaper to build than the spearman, which it replaces.

    UU2: Mariyannu - Fast and strong ranged unit of the Ancient Era, good in open terrain. Only the Mitanni may build it. This unit is cheaper, stronger and has a faster move than the Chariot Archer, which it replaces.

    Special thanks to Rob (R8FXT) for creating the Anno Domini mod which served as inspiration for creating this civ, and hopefully many civs to come.

    XML - Hiram, Rob (R8FXT)
    Art - Rob (R8FXT), TPangolin, Numitor, Hiram
    Music - Firaxis Games (2007)


    1. vzyonkw_1OC.jpg
    2. civ5screen0010_3U2.png