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Kingdoms for MGE 2016-10-05

Kingdoms for MGE

  1. CurtSibling

    A very playable and straight-forward scenario, that plays like the original CIV2,
    but with magic techs and a world to dominate! It is an old mod, which I found
    buried in my HD! I had forgot how decent this little MGE adventure was...

    The goal is to build the mightiest empire using one of the tribes, who start
    with one city. The map is similar to Earth in shape, and the tribes are very
    much like the CIV2 tribes in culture. This scenario was originally intended
    to be a sequel to "Bitterfrost" but ended up being a stand alone mod.

    Please note: This scenario is for CIV2 MGE.


    The Valkan and Steelholt kingdoms discover each other - Will war ensue?

    The recent Zunic conquest suffers hostile attacks from rebel knights!

    Hope you enjoy this oldie, but goodie from the old days! :D


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