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Kjotleiks_LongPlay_2.0 2016-10-05


  1. Kjotleik
    Kjotleiks LongPlay 2.0

    Finally the "long awaited" update?
    Extract to [Beyond the Sword/Mods] folder.

    # 6 WorldSizes: Big, MegaBig, GigaBig, SuperBig, HyperBig & UltraBig

    # 3 Speeds: Aeon, Millennium & tor od-paam

    # Some minor adjustments to the game.

    # See the Credits.txt file in the download for credits.

    In order for this to work with [Documents/My Games] installed BUG versions, you will have to copy the Config folder of your BUG installation into the [Kjotleiks_LongPlay_2.0/Assets] folder.

    Comment... and read about version 2.0 here!

    Kjotleik of Norway:)