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Knights Hospitallers (BtS 3.19; V1.1) 2016-10-05

Knights Hospitallers (BtS 3.19; V1.1)

  1. kochman
    V1.1 - made changes regarding Harbor Fortress so that you can have harbor functions from drydock when harbor expires; changed some art.

    LH - Pierre d'Abusson (FIN/PRO; Vassalage; Christianity)
    UB - Harbor Fortress (replaces harbor; +1 trade route; +50% defense; -25% bombard; Obsoletes with Artillery; Available at Engineering)
    UU - Corsair Galleas (replaces caravel; 4:strength:; +50% vs Galleons and Frigates; cargo space 1 any unit; can explore rival territory)

    Discussion link:

    Credits: MANY... the following (and I probably will forget someone, I apologize in advance) either helped me learn coding, etc or were victims of flagrant art theft by me...
    Manifold; Teg_Navanis; Ajidica; Phungus420; The_J; Chamaedrys; Aranor; Ekmek; Flying Pig; The Capo; woodelf; CRoland; Wyz_sub10; strategyonly; zerver; IgorS; esnaz; Amra; cfkane; avain; cool3a2; Flintlock1415; TheLastOne36; RulerOfDaPeople; Iloveplayciv; Bakuel; Freya; nutnut; cybrxkhan...

    I have not play tested this yet. Please give me any results you have re: issues/balance/art problems.

    1) Download and unzip mod
    2) Create the following directory and place mod in this directory:
    Civilization 4/Beyond the Sword/Mods/Extra Civs*/Assets/Modules
    3) Copy and paste a .ini file from any other mod, and place it in:
    Civilization 4/Beyond the Sword/Mods/Extra Civs*/
    4) Rename .ini file Extra Civs.ini*
    5) Open the .ini file and replace the XML code with the following code:

    ; Modular XML Loading
    ModularLoading = 1
    ; Skip Main menu
    SkipMainMenu = 0
    ; Custom Art from user folder is not loaded
    NoCustomArt = 0
    ; Custom XML and Python from user folder are not loaded
    NoCustomAssets = 1
    ; No Custom Scenario option in main menu
    NoCustomScenario = 0
    ; No team play allowed
    NoTeams = 0
    ; Read Game options from XML, not .ini
    ForceGameOptions = 0
    ; Always start in the standard era
    ForceStandardEra = 0
    ; Scenario file (Single player)
    ForceScenario = 0
    ; This mod is only for single player games
    SinglePlayerOnly = 0
    ; Allow public maps to be used with this mod
    AllowPublicMaps = 1
    ; Mod Image file
    ImageFile = 0
    ; Name of Mod
    Name = Extra Civs
    ; Description of Mod
    Description = Generic Mod
    6) Start Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword, at main menu select Advanced>Load a Mod
    7) Extra Civs* should be an option, select this mod, then select "Go" and the mod should load

    * You can actually name this mod whatever you want, but whatever it is, make sure the .ini file has the same name.

    Note: You can put more than one mod into the folder, and you only need to do steps 1 & 2 for each additional mod after the first one.


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