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Knights Templar World Wonder 2016-10-05

Knights Templar World Wonder

  1. LeeS
    Adds Knights Templar as a World Wonder. Compatible with BNW, G&K, and Vanilla. I uploaded the 'packaged' civ5mod file from the ModBuddy project. Download and copy the file (knights_templar__v_15.civ5mod) into your MyDocuments/My Games/Sid Meier's Cvilization 5/MODS folder. Start the game and go to the MODS menu. Wait a few moments and the file should unpack itself and a choosable mod called Knights Templar(v 15) should show in your list of enable-able mods. The link should now take you to a dropbox link rather than directly downloading the mod file from here. This is because the new version of the forum no longer recognizes a xxxx.Civ5mod file, and I'd rather not have to go to the bother of multiple different download locations all over the place when next or if I need to update the mod.

    apparently the update to the dropbox link did not work. Here is the dropbox link directly: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m4snfw4laichnvx/Knights Templar (v 15).civ5mod?dl=0

    Mod Discussion Thread

    Note: sometimes xxx.civ5mod files refuse to unpack for whatever reason. If you have 7z you can treat the file like any other zip file and unzip it. The xxx.civ5mod files are really just zipped files, so there's no real downside to doing this. I am not sure if WinZip understands that a xxxx.civ5mod file is actually just a zipped file.[/size]


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