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Knoedelicious 2016-10-05


This is a modmod for Legends of Revolution (version 0.9.9b) rebalancing civics, wonders and units for more realism. Among the features:

Added a military civic column, renamed some civics and changed the effects of most of them. No more State Property being a low upkeep civic and some civics being completely useless, for I have taken great care to ensure every civic is useful in some situations and providing what you would expect from it in real life.

Completion of the Pyramids leading to the establishment of a republic? The Kremlin making rushbuying cheaper and thus encouraging a democratic government? No more! Many wonder effects have been moved around and buffed, in fact it would be easier to name which wonders are still as they were in Vanilla!

Sick of axe carrying thugs being the stars of the ancient battlefield? Me too! Axemen have been relegated to guerrilla duty, walls of spears is the name of the game! Confused as to why your draftees in the modern era get a free company's worth of APCs out of thin air? Say no more! Not a single unit has been left untouched!

Tired of the snowballing effect leading to late unique units and buildings having insignificant impact compared to their earlier counterparts? Boy you are gonna love the mall, which provides a free specialist for every town in the BFC. 'Murrica!

No idea what to do with idle workers? Settle them down in their own cottage, and watch as the commerce grows to unparalleled heights! Are you a treehugger? Good for you, now you can build lumbermills before the medieval age, and if you can refrain from chopping until the late game you will be rewarded with juicy buffed forest preserves! Be good to mother nature and she will be good to you!

Colonization on other continents taking forever? Not any longer! Almost every ship now has twice as many movement points as before! However sailing close to the coast is now a much slower affair, based on an idea I shamelessly stole from RFC!

And yet Knoedelicious is not a kitchen sink mod! In fact, I have only added two units so far, everything else is just various XML changes which hopefully add up to a much more enjoyable experience than plain LoR, never mind BtS. :)

Unfortunately I'm a slob, and my exact list of changes I have made over the years is an unreadable mess, so I guess you'll just have to download and play it. Or don't, I'm neither your boss nor your mom. :lol:

Installation instructions:
1.: Duplicate your Legends of Revolution* mod folder in your BtS mod folder and rename one of the two to 'Knoedelicious v1.0'.
2.: In it, extract Knoedelicious and overwrite your existing Assets folder.
3.: Have fun. :)

*This is assuming you are using Version 0.9.9b.

This modmod is fully compatible with Dave_uk's magnificient SDK mod, and in fact I encourage you to use the two in conjunction.

Most of my changes were done with XML, except for a video I added for the Apollo Program and a new icon for The Internet.

The developers of Civilization 4, duh
Everyone who worked on Legends of Revolution
Rhye or whoever created the Internet icon used in Rhye's and Fall of Civilization
JustATourist for their Apollo Project video
whoever responsible for Earth2012, to be more exact everything related to Modern Infantry as well as that one Python file for the expanded civics screen
Flying Pig for the Police graphics
I, duh

Should I have forgotten to include someone just send me a PM.
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