Kobayashi's The WAR OF THE RING scenario converted for Test of Time

Kobayashi's The WAR OF THE RING scenario converted for Test of Time 2.0

^^============ the WAR OF THE RING (ver 1.1) ============
^^ a single-player scenario by Kobayashi

Kobayashi's the WAR OF THE RING scenario converted for Test of Time
^^ "One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
^^ One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them"
^^ - inscription on the One Ring -

It has been 3000 years since the War of the Last Alliance of Men and Elves.
Sauron was thwarted but even in victory, the strength of men failed. For
Isildur, the King of Gondor, refused to destroy the One Ring and the essence
of Sauron survived within the Ring even in defeat. The Ring was thought to
have been lost, but it has now resurfaced and Sauron is returning.

With most of the Elves having departed for the Undying Lands, the burden of
defeating the Forces of Darkness now lies on the shoulders of Men. Their
survival hinges on the destruction of the Ring in the fires of Mount Doom.
This task has been entrusted to Frodo Baggins, a hobbit who is able to resist
the corrupting power of the Ring. If the servants of the Dark Lord Sauron
retrieve the Ring, then all is lost.

To buy time for the Ring Bearer to accomplish his mission, the resolve of Men
to resist Evil must be strengthed. This task falls to Istari wizard Gandalf.
Fortunately, Gandalf has at his disposal Aragorn, Chieftain of the Dunedain and
last in the line of Kings. Together, they must rally the fragmented forces of
men under Aragorn's banner and hold evil at bay for as long as the One Ring
remains at large.

There are two ways to destroy the Ring. The first way is the backdoor (but
canon) way, just follow the instructions of the event messages. The more direct
alternative is to build up a huge army and storm into Mordor in force while
escourting a hobbit to (destroy) Mt Doom on the main map.

Hold back the Forces of Darkness until the One Ring can be destroyed. You'll
be able to hold out for two, and at most three months.

Aragorn must survive and the Ring Bearer (in the dungeon map) must survive.

You need 15 Objective Points to win decisively.

Play ONLY as MEN OF THE WEST. Your symbol, the symbol of Gondor, is the
white tree in the night sky with seven stars. The horselords of Rohan are considered
part of your tribe. Your only allies are the FORCES OF LIGHT, consisting mainly
of Elves and Dwarves. Their symbol is a regular tree against a field of green.
The allies also include the Northmen of Beorn and the Men of Dale.

The main enemy is the FORCES OF DARKNESS, the principal element of which is
Mordor. Mordor is the domain of Sauron and his symbol is the lidless flaming eye.
The Shadow Armies consists mostly of Orcs but allied with Sauron are also Men of
the South (Harad) and the Easterlings of Rhun. These fallen men are represented
by a golden star against a scarlet background.

Another contender for domination is ISENGARD, led by Saruman. He is allied with
Mordor as well but operates a bit more independently. The symbol of Saruman is
a white hand. His forces are a blend of orcs and the wildmen of Dunland.

A few cities start the game building items for which you don't have the
prerequisite for. This is particulalrly true for Helm's Deep. Change the rare
build items at your own peril.

Upon loading for the first time, refer to the Game Concepts section under the
Civpedia pulldown menu. It contains further vital information you need to know.
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