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Korean Air Force Pack 2016-10-05

Korean Air Force Pack

  1. Wolfshanze
    This four-aircraft Korean Air Force pack is based on the excellent models of Dutch King and the Coyote. The purpose of this pack is to provide nation-specific aircraft for the country of Korea in the 1st-half of the 20th century... a time that Korea was occupied by the Empire of Japan.

    Historically, Korea had no military of its own during this time-frame... but obviously for Civ4 gaming purposes, Korea does have its own military, so this pack provides Korea with one.

    Taking an example of European "satellite states", I am giving Korea equipment built by Japan, but flown by a Korean Air Force. I am also "attempting" to use Japanese equipment that is not "instantly recognized" as Japanese... or perhaps the default Japanese planes... this is of-course a lot of assuming on my part, but if your Japan in Civ4 is using Zeros, Vals and Bettys for Fighters, Light Bombers and Bombers respectively, then this pack avoids duplicating that... if not... oh well... you still got Korean markings!

    Once again... all due credit to Dutch King (Ki-10 early fighter, Ki-21 bomber & Kate light bomber) and The Coyote (Ki-61 fighter) for these models... all I did was add the Korean Taegeuk in-place-of the Rising Sun emblem on the wings.

    Korea now has an Air Force you can use for the 1st half of the 20th century! (It makes more sense then Spitfires and Lancasters).

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