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[KPS666] Blood 4 Oil MOD 2016-10-05

[KPS666] Blood 4 Oil MOD

  1. kps666

    If you wish to give comment:


    -Terrain desert and snow now have 2 movement cost.

    -Egypt, Persia and Arabia start with trait "Holy War", giving them the "Jihad" promotion to make this states strong on desert terrain.

    Made not to many changes, only some promotion changes to make a real "Desert Storm" experience:
    -Promotion "Jihad": Start up attribute for the desert states, giving a 20% attack bonus in friendly territory and a 20% devense bonus on desert terrain. Also makes the movement cost to a normal level.
    -Promotion "Desert Warfare": 20% combat bonus (attack and defense) on desert terrain, makes movement cost to 1, too. Preq. Tech ist "Military Science"
    -Promotion "Winter Warfare": same as for "desert Warfare", only for snow terrain.
    -Promotion "Composite Armour", giving the helicopter and tank units a 10% defense bonus (preq. tech is plastics).
    -Promotion "Reactive Armour", giving an extra 10% defense bonus, but only for tank units.
    -Changed preq. ressource from aluminum to oil at the modern age units to fit to the theme of this mod.

    -Added building "Oil Refinery", giving 5 gold and 2 production to every nearby oil ressource.

    -Raised the flavors for ressource oil, hoping this will force the AI to declare war for the black gold.

    Hope you enjoy this mod :goodjob: