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KTO Rosomak (AMV Patria) 2016-10-05

KTO Rosomak (AMV Patria)

  1. asioasioasio
    KTO Rosomak (Kołowy Transporter Opancerzony Rosomak - Wheeled Armoured Carrier Wolverine) (based on Finnish license - Patria AMV (Advanced Modular Vehicle)). Poland uses 313 of those in an AFV version with the Italian Oto Melara 30 mm turret and 377 AMVs in various other configurations to be delivered between 2004 and 2013. All of them have the ability to swim. Some of the Polish vehicles are currently employed in Afghanistan.)

    More info:

    Model: ~1150 triangles
    Textures: 256x256 (Body) and 128x128 (Tower)
    Use Mechanized Infantry animations



    1. scre00_put.jpg
    2. scre01_oRs.jpg
    3. scre02_sFu.jpg