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La Belle Epoque v2.0 2016-10-05

La Belle Epoque v2.0

  1. civconquer3000
    After the Franco-German war in 1870/71, Europe enjoyed a period of interior peace for more than forty years until the start of the First World War in 1914. During this period, many important developments took place, especially in England, France, Austria, Germany and the United States.

    The second wave of the industrial revolution seized the world. Above all it concerned the chemical industry and the electrical engineering, it was the start of the era of the combustion engine and the mass production of steel, the machines became more efficient and more powerful, the ships bigger and their construction less expensive, the propulsion changed from the paddle to the screw, from the piston to the turbine, and their speed doubled. The trains got steel rails on which longer and heavier trains could drive one and a half times as fast as before; therefore it became the most important mean of transportation.

    At the same time began the definite conquest of the air: The first planes were built, and the airships of Zeppelin went down in history. People living in this period were materially confident and culturally optimistic. All social classes were seized by the feeling of a new start into better times. So began, on this basis, the time which nowadays not only the French call the 'La Belle Epoque' (The beautiful time).
    Requirement: Civ2 Gold