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Land Ironclads 2016-10-05

Land Ironclads

  1. Androrc the Orc
    This mod incorporates the land ironclad line of units from the Empires of the Smoky Skies scenario into the game. They are unlocked by an alternate technology line, available after discovering steam power. The mod's features are:

    - Land Ironclad, Landship and Land Leviathan units
    - Luboric resource
    - Eruptives, Landships, Infernal Combustion and Land Leviathan technologies
    - Luboric Refinery building (which now, instead of providing luboric, provides a bonus to production and a bonus to production on luboric tiles)

    Credits to sukritact for making the Luboric icon and font icon, to Pazyryk for discovering the method which eventually allowed me to add custom 3D resource graphics to the game, and to chrome-rome for making the Eruptives, Infernal Combustion and Luboric Refinery icons.

    Requires Gods and Kings.


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