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Lara Croft ModComp 2016-10-05

Lara Croft ModComp

  1. SaibotLieh
    Lara Croft ModComp V1.1

    This modular modcomp adds Lara Croft as a unit to the game. She is a superior firearms unit, but should be cautious toward armoured units. Of course this modcomp is not meant to be a serious addition. However, Lara is not that powerful to be a game breaker and can only exist once at the same time, so she can be used in a normal game.
    The unit model as a complete polycount of 1235, all necessary animation files are included as well as a button. The modcomp works with BtS 3.19.

    Forum link: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=9185013


    - The_Coyote, the animation Lara uses for attacking was customized by him
    - The_Coyote (again), because he added a nice shader to the unit and made a damage texture available for her
    - Toby Gard, creator of Lara Croft


    1. lara_01_4ti.jpg
    2. lara_02_vP1.jpg
    3. lara_entry_1ax.jpg
    4. lara_hurt_light_jD2.jpg
    5. lara_hurt_heavy_4sK.jpg