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Large Accurate Europe (166x118) 2016-10-05

Large Accurate Europe (166x118)

  1. ww2commander
    This is a 166x118 representation of Europe. This map was intended for a medieval mod so its focus is limited in scope with uppermost Europe (the really cold bits ) removed and the minimum space used to represent Africa and the Middle East. The orientation has been rotated slightly to remove also minimize the 'uselss' portions of Siberia not useful to my mod needs (sorry no Ural Mountains )

    This map has been constructed from scratch by overlaying a hex grid over an actual map so the land form is as close as possible to the real thing with the exception of the following:

    • Land bridges exists at key strategic points to cater for mod purposes. These plots are Europe/Anatolia (plot 107,44), Sicily/Italy (plot 71,29), Crimea/Caucasus (plot 125,62). These can be removed as needed.
    • England has been widened by 1 hex on each side to allow more room for what I needed to do (represent the various Saxon kingdoms before they merged)
    • The Italian peninsula has been made wider by 1 hex for similar reasons.
    • Malta is represented by 3 hexes as opposed to 2 to allow some room for invading.

    All rivers have been placed using the same hex comparison method and only deviate slightly to allow breathing room between certain cities in France, Germany and the Balkans (normally this is a 1 hex deviation).

    Mountains & Hills
    Mountains and hills are also placed as accurate as possible but additional plots have been added to emphasize strategic choke-points or land barriers such as the Alps, Caucasus and Carpathian mountain ranges.

    I have also placed key strategic passes through mountain ranges based on the more common ones known during the middle ages. You can add/remove these passes if needed

    As my intent was to mod the medieval era, the map has more forests than would be common today.

    Swamps are also placed in appropriate historical locations but to a lesser extent to avoid handicapping a player or AI.

    I have also included oasis plots as close to historical locations where I could find data. Unfortunately this means that most of them are in locations less than ideal to game play!

    Player/City Locations
    There are no player start locations defined. You will need to do this yourself as the map was intended to be used with custom civs instead of the vanilla civs.

    The map has hundreds of city locations represented by 'city ruins'. Some city locations correspond to old medieval cities so don't pull your hair out if you are unsure as to some of them. The best approach is to use the rivers as guide-points in locating the name of cities on the map.

    None. You will need to add these yourself. The reasoning here is that some modders might have different ideas as to how they use the map.