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Large map of Earth 2016-10-05


My name is Denis Kozhin.
This is my own making map of Earth for Civilization 2 MGE.
I'm tryed to make most real and most large map, as it is possible.

Map details:

Width — 128 squares.
Heigth — 254 squares.
Surface — 32512 squares.
World shape round.
File size — 195 kb.
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More like SUPER map of earth! This one is even bigger than the popular Giga World Earth map due to the author sacrificing the north and south pole regions freeing up more space to make the main continents bigger and add in so many small islands. I've made a thread on the Civ2 forum to discuss you're awesome work here:
This map would allow the maximum 255+ in MGE and in ToT (if converted), you can get 700 cities in large mass regions if terraforming the tundra and glaciers, then have 100 cities in smaller but strategically important islands. Therefore a total of 800 based upon my testing.

The AI will still try to use up every little square of land since it is meticulous and will often build cities too close, but players can be more discriminating in city placement even denying land resources on purpose by such strategic planning.
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