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Large Sea Option for Highland Map 2016-10-05

Gogf requested a new option for the Highland map in the chat room.

(@Gogf) on that note, does anybody want to make an experimental map script for me? it's a VERY simple modification of an existing one
(@Gogf) take the highlands script, and modify the water options (small lakes, large lakes, and seas) to include another option: huge seas
(vbraun) that shouldn't be to hard..
(@Gogf) seas currently makes 15% of the map water... have huge seas make 25% of the map water!
(@Gogf) of course, it's important that the water is agglomerated into huge bodies (like on the "seas" settings) and not a ton of tiny lakes
(@Gogf) I would really appreciate it if somebody could do this :)

So I edited the 4 lines to make that option. He loved it so much that we played a "Big Game Morning" with it. Screenshot below.

I marked all the lines I changed, and it should be pretty obvious what you need to change to make a new sea option.

1. Download
2. Unzip
3. Place in Civ4\PublicMaps
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