Larger Worlds (Abandonded) 2.31

Larger World Sizes and adjusted map scripts & starting positions

  1. Seven05
    Larger Worlds 2.3 adds larger world sizes and a modified StartingPlots.lua file that scales major civ starting locations by map sizes

    Larger Worlds has a few basic features:
    • New "Massive" Map size (116x74)
    • New "Enormous" Map Size (128x80)
    • Starting plot distance scaled by number of players
    • Starting plot landmass size restrictions
    Starting location selection is now loosely based on map size instead of the original static value (9 tiles). This buffer is now determined by the default number of players for the map size so it will work with the default maps and other mods that add or change map sizes as long as they don't override AssignStartingPlots.lua. The base value is 1+ the default number of players, so a map with 8 players default (standard size) will have a major civ buffer of 9 while an enormous map with 16 players default will try to push everybody out to 17 tiles apart. This will also scale better when playing a map with fewer than the default number of players, previously having fewer players increased the buffer by 1 tile (yay?), now it adjusts to increase the buffer with fewer players or decrease it with more players.

    Landmass size limits are 20+ tiles for players as a hard minimum except on water maps (island plates for example). The map is evaluated for total usable land (not water or mountains) and based on that count a minimum landmass size is determined for landmasses that can have multiple players on them.

    Example: A large (128x60) map with 60% water will have approximately 3000 usable tiles. If there are 10 players in the game the smallest landmass that will allow multiple players is 150 tiles on land maps or 100 tiles on water maps. So a 50 tile island is big enough for a player start (20+) but too small for more than one player.

    City States do not have landmass limits so they will fill in small landmasses and may spawn on landmasses that are too small for multiple players.

    Any feedback is welcome. I'm trying to keep this mod simple so it won't conflict with others, I missed the big maps from Civ 5 so I used those sizes for the new large and huge maps. I also didn't like starting on top of my neighbors even on large maps with fewer than the default number of players. I don't play on small maps or crowded maps so if anybody does and could let me know if it works or horribly destroys the game that would help :)

    Known Issues:
    • Maps with more than the default players may end up with less civs than expected
    • City States will not all spawn on crowded maps, this may also happen when using high sea level on island plates or similar maps with many scattered, small landmasses

    With version 2.0 forward this mod only includes the larger map grid sizes and changes to the starting plot script to scale starting distanced by map size.

    Detailed Worlds is available here and includes the modified map scripts that were removed form this mod.
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